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Breakfast Bars 
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 Stop Replacing & Learn to Create!

I could not image replacing my favorite bowl of rigatoni bolognese with zucchini noodles and expect the same culinary delight.  It’s not that they aren't amazing; they're just completely different flavors and textures.  
Ok -- think dating for a moment -- would you compare your ex to every new date? No!!! (And if you answered yes, you know how well that works out).  So why compare that cauliflower crust to regular NY style pizza? Just move on, know it’s different, and love it for the new and different flavors you are going to create. 
When it comes to changing your eating habits you will need to learn to recreate and not replace. If you find yourself constantly craving French fries, eat them on your cheat meal and move on; but don’t expect to roast up zucchini fries and achieve the same results.  Learn to crave new flavors, experiment, and don’t equate healthy with boring. I have upped my variety of foods since eating clean, and now I crave a larger base of new ingredients.  I love trying to get as many nutrients as I can into each of my meals -- a fat, a protein, a good carb, etc.
With that in mind, here are two foods that have been game changers for me, and will hopefully change the game for you in your quest to eat healthier. Drum-roll please: 
Cauliflower and Zucchini!
Both are pretty bland on their own, so they each allow you to add as many spices and flavors as you can dream up. First, you need to know how to cook them. The key trick here is to not over cook them.  re out of it before you sauté it, and for zucchini noodles do not steam them ahead, because they can go from tender to soggy in minutes. For both, I prefer to chop/spiralize myself rather than buying them "pre-made." But, if you're short on time, or really don’t enjoy making them, buy them ready to cook.
Here are two low-carb meal ideas that are both healthy and flavor-packed:


Who needs a set of D cups when you can have a mouthful of B cups in the morning!
                Breakfast cups!!!
We’ve been told since we were kids that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is especially true if you are trying to eat healthy. A high protein/low sugar breakfast will give your body the energy it needs to start the day without the dreaded 10am sugar crash.  Now I know what you are thinking -- you have no time to even make coffee let alone cook breakfast in the morning.  Well, I’m here to prove you wrong, because it's all in the prep with this one. Let me help you plan it out.

I like to do my food prep on Sunday (for both breakfasts and lunches). This way I’m not running around every morning looking for healthy eats to have during the day. You should also make yourself a killer batch of cold brew coffee as part of your meal prep. I like to do this for two reasons: 1) you can control what calories you’re consuming – whether that’s from the milk and sugar in your coffee or other sugary sweets (donuts you are so beautiful); and 2) you can avoid waiting in line at the coffee bar. Everybody wins!

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